Saturday with Ted

I’ve been reading about angular momentum and gravity lately.  They seem related to me, like Magnetism and Electricity are related.  Einstein disproved one of Newton’s ideas that the Universe has a stable gravitational foundation.  We seem steady enough here on Earth, but our planet is orbiting our sun, which is orbiting in our galaxy, which is orbiting the local group of galaxies, etc, etc.  No matter how far we look, there doesn’t seem to be a grand tabletop that the Universe is unfolding on.  We all float along in a Bubble we call the Universe, seemingly disconnected from whatever lies beyond.  That poses a problem, though.  Gravity should be much stronger in a universe like that.  Magnetism is a strong force, much stronger than gravity.  After all, a small fridge magnet can withstand the pulling of the entire Earth and not fall off.  Where does all that gravity go?

The theory is that gravity as a force is carried by gravitons, a fundamental particle.  These particles are 2 dimensional, so they can pass from the 4 dimensions we’re used to : Height, width, depth, and time… into some or all of the 7 other dimensions out there.  Since it’s not in our perceivable dimensions anymore, it doesn’t exist for us.  It’s kind of hard to envision it, even the simplified versions these guys talk about.