Lollypop Favorites 2013-2-17


I tried something new while taking my photos at Lollypop Farm today.  Instead of printing out the report of cats/small animals that need pictures, I ran the report on my iPad and exported it to a PDF.  Then, I used a neat PDF markup app that I found to write down the picture numbers on the iPad.  It worked pretty well, and I’m now paperless.  I volunteer at the shelter taking pictures for their adoption website.

DSC_0011 DSC_0013

This little guy was my favorite this week.  “Bootsy” was meowing the minute I walked into cat adoption.  I think he would wind up being a little more aloof once he gets a home, but he was super friendly in the adoption area.  We played for a few minutes before he went out for an adoption interview.  I didn’t have to take a picture of him for the adoption website, but I decided to take a couple since I was playing with him.

DSC_0007 DSC_0016

Lollypop Favorites

DSC_0004 DSC_0011 DSC_0016

This was a good week for me at Lollypop.  It’s still crowded in the cat spaces, but there seem to be some vacancies in the dog areas.  I met some nice cats.  Amber doesn’t seem taken with the two in the administration offices as everyone else.  The volunteers and staff bring up Flash, the super licking, heart murmur kitten every time I’m there.  I let them out of the community relations office when I get there, so they can get some more space in the volunteer outer office.  Corralling them when I’m done has been a bit trickier.  Today, I grabbed, Flash, who started to lick my face.  Then I went after Bunny.  Just walking slowly behind her to the office, I could tell that she was “watching” me.  Her ears were pointed straight back.  Just as we’re getting to the inner office, Bunny goes inside, but Flash jumps up on a bookshelf.    I tried to keep Bunny in the office with my foot as I reached for Flash.  Amber was no help, she was keeping her distance.  The cats are always perfectly calm and wandering around when I come back to the office, but Amber always seems nervous to me.  I think she’s jealous, she gets really needy whenever Flash is redecorating my face.

DSC_0026 DSC_0019 DSC_0024

These two were very friendly, we played for a while.  They should be up in the adoption space this week or next.

DSC_0002 DSC_0013

Lollypop Favorites

DSC_0008 DSC_0005 DSC_0002

The petting farm at Lollypop is closed again for another week.  The goats are rutting, so, they might take it the wrong way if a kid came up and yanked their ears.  Folks must have been missing all the petting, because Amber got a lot of attention as we walked around the adoption areas.  I don’t take Amber into the adoption suites, but the dogs can see her walking in the hallway.  A small dog in one of the cages looked at me for the longest time.  He was like a Pomeranian and something bigger…  An Aussie Shepard maybe.  He weighed about 30 pounds.  He chose me just from watching Amber and I walk down the hallway.  I skipped the Cat Holding pictures I had to take because I knew I’d have to walk by his cage again, and I’d adopt him if I did.

DSC_0015 DSC_0001

This little guy wasn’t hissing at me, just complaining about being cooped up.  The minute I walked into Cat Adoption, I could hear him meowing.  When I got to him in the list, I had to kind of block him in his cage to keep him from bolting across the room.  Just whip the cage open, turn the cat around gently, and take the picture in that half second they turn around again.  Easy, like taking peanuts from an elephant. 🙂

Mendon and Lollypop Favorites

Joe, Nat and I went for a hike this morning before I went over to Lollypop.  Joe just signed up for a marathon, so he pretty much took the lead 🙂  Here’s Joe with Charlie, both with the long tongues.  The Inuit say that a long tongue is a way of telling how tired the sled dogs are.  I don’t think Joe’s that tired, and Charlie wore himself out sniffing after every deer scent he came across.  I saw more than 30 deer cross a road in the park this morning.  It was really cool to watch them clatter across the road for so long.  We went up the hill to see the the water tower, and I gasped some sweet, sweet, oxygen.

The volunteer notes on this cage said “Hissy”

After taking pictures in cat adoption, I usually look at the dogs for a few minutes before going back to cat holding 1.  Dogs are really a two person job, so I don’t take dog pictures for the website.  I couldn’t  help but pause by this fellow.  He’s a beautiful dog, white Siberian and… looks like Shepard.  I could just picture him rolling around in a mud puddle with Amber over at Mendon Ponds.  Nez Pa.  If you’re looking for a dog, Koda here would be perfect.  Visit him over at

Lollypop Favorites

When Amber and I got to the shelter today, I met a friend that I haven’t seen in a year or so.  She was there to pick up a collar for a cat she’s taking in.  We talked about cat things and picture things.  We agreed that it’s better for people to bring animals they don’t want to the shelter instead of abandoning them.  With that thought in mind, I went to print out my picture list.  This cat was in the office.  She’d been set on fire.  The cruelty of this act is kind of overwhelming.  My hands are too coarse to comfort a pain like that.  I scratched her chin, tried not to rub her ears, and watched her eat.

I got these two right in a row.  That’s when I had to go home.   They were so friendly, so desperate for contact, that I couldn’t leave them.   I couldn’t take them home, so I just played with each of them for a few minutes, and left with 4 pictures still to take.

Little Lollypopers

How should you approach a litter of kittens?  I always feel drawn to the kittens first, but it’s important to pay attention to mom, too.  I try to ignore the little ones at first, and make friends with mom.  This mom was having a stressful day, she was friendly, but gave little grumbling growls when she walked under my hand.  For a few minutes, she would sniff me, walk behind the kittens, then come back for another whiff.  After a couple rubs, I gave her a good chin rub till she relaxed and purred a bit.

After mom was happy again, I gently blew on the kittens.  They perked up and a couple came to the front of the cage.  the white one with the blue eyes and gray tail was my favorite.  After getting the ok from mom, he started climbing up my arm and biting my sleeve.

These kittens are just 22 days old, so they just opened their eyes.  They’ll go into foster care for a couple months until they’re old enough to be adopted.  Good luck, little travelers 🙂

Lollypop Favorites

Otis here is my favorite this week.    Yup, love at first sight here.   He climbed out of his nap and right up onto my shoulders.  Here he is giving me a back rub 🙂  We just hit it off from the get-go.  He was as confused as I was dispirited when I put him back in his cage and went on to the next cat.  Godspeed Otis, visit him at

Lollypop Favorites

This little fellow was waiting for Amber and I when we got to the office.  After a moment of surprise at seeing a German Shepard right in his face, he settled d0wn and came over for a chin rub.  He lost half his tail somewhere and was really skinny, but super friendly.  he has a Urinary Tract Infection, but that doesn”t seem to slow him down too much.  After a rough start, I think he’ll be on easy street when he comes up for adoption.

I had 43 pictures to take in cat adoption.  Another 40 odd pictures in cat holding.  I think some of the volunteer photographers must have stop coming in, cause this is usually a slow time of year.  The kitten rush came late, though, so maybe it’s just a bubble of cats coming through.

The orange guy was HUGE!  I took this angle because he reminded me of a Weeble 🙂  I also figured that he couldn’t get that battleship of a butt around too easily to get a front shot.

Lollypop Favs Black Cat Edition

This cat was in the waiting area when Amber and I came through.   She was waiting to be booked into the shelter.  I don’t judge the folks surrendering their animals at the shelter.  Everyone has a different story or reason why they can’t take care of an animal.  Some are legit, some aren’t.  For the people going through big life changes, the shelter is the best chance to find a new home.  For the people who don’t value the life they’re abandoning, at least they’re not dropping it off at the side of the road.

My favorite cats this week turned out to be black cats.  It wasn’t by design, just the way things worked out.

I went to the supermarket to get some candy and found their Halloween section bare.  All that was left was candy a horse wouldn’t eat.  I wandered around for a bit, and two aisles over, they had a dozen Christmas trees on display.  So, on Halloween, they had more xmass stuff than Halloween stuff.  I may understand that they need to plan ahead…. but I go to a supermarket so I DON’T have to plan ahead.  Not having candy on Halloween is lame.  Merry Halloween.

Lollypop Favorites

I started going back to Lollypop a couple weeks ago.  before that, I was just a bit burned out… with everything.  September was a busy month at work, and I wasn’t feeling well for part of it, so I didn’t do a lot of the things I normally do after work and on the weekends.

These two were pretty friendly.  I stayed with them for a few minutes.  Actually, I ran into 4 or 5 cats that I really liked today.  One cat in Cat adoption climbed up on my shoulders and gave me a back rub for a few minutes.  He used his claws for a bit, though, so I think my shirt may have a hole or two in it.