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Wemett.net history of the Canadice Area

1904 Map

Modern Trail Map

I have been going to the Finger lakes in New York for almost twenty years. the City of Rochester owns two lakes, using them as drinking water sources for Rochester. The city has established a park to act as a buffer zone from pollutants.

I decided to document the activities I do on the lakes: https://npanth.wordpress.com/tag/osth/

By stagnating progress, the park acts as a time capsule for a thriving Victorian Summer retreat. I’ve found evidence of things as diverse as gambling houses, Mansions, Ferry terminals, hotels, and a buried treasure.
One lake even has a Native American ritual site used as long ago as the 1600’s

The lakes that I’ve been fishing have an un interrupted history dating back to the 1400’s. General Sullivan waged the first “Total war” campaign against the Iroquois of new York. Washington sent him north to take the Iroquois out of the Revolutionary War. That’s the period that gave rise to the buried treasure myth.

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  1. Andrew Kinsman Says:

    Please contact me, pertaining to Sullivan’s treks. Thanks. -Andy

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