I’m just getting started with Kite Aerial Photography. I’ve bought more than two major things related to it, so I guess it qualifies as a hobby. I’ve crashed every time I’ve attempted it, but nothing vital has broken, yet. I’ve only taken the rig to the high school where I work because I’ve wanted to take a good aerial picture of the school for a while. The long skylight in the library looks really cool from inside, I wanted to see what it looks like from above.


I’ve been looking for new places on Google Earth. I’m a little restricted because I need a field next to my subject. There are a couple fields in Mendon Ponds Park. The park is a cross section of geological activity. There are kettles, moraines, scraped bedrock, all kinds of cool things. I think I should go to the park during the winter to get some clear pictures of the park. If I can find two fields close enough, maybe I can stitch two pictures together to make a panorama.

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I’m going to try taking pictures from some of the fields around Hundred Acre pond. More to come…

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KAP Photo Set 

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