Alicia and Dustin

Saturday, I took pictures of Alicia and Dustin’s wedding.  They make a great couple.  Dustin is deploying in a bit, so they only had 6 weeks or so to plan it.  It went very well.

My pictures feel a little cliche, I didn’t get any pictures that really stand out to me.  Maybe I’m just being too critical.  I was happy with the pictures I got with the 90mm and sb-600 flash.  The flash had enough power to shoot from a distance.  Before, I’ve had to get really close with the 17-35mm.  With the 90, I could stay on the edge aisles and take pictures without interfering with the ceremony.

Flickr Photo Set

The Wedding Photographer

I’ve taken pictures at two weddings so far.  After each one, I’ve told myself that I wouldn’t do it again.  It’s not that I really dislike taking wedding pictures, but I feel like I’m skating on thin ice.  I’ve heard so many stories of photographers who get raked over the coals for missing something or not getting the right shots.  Even the mild criticism I’ve gotten at the two weddings has cut deep, more because I take it to heart than any ill will on their part.  “I didn’t think much of your photographer when I first saw him, but the pictures turned out great.”(Bride’s father)  “You took too many pictures, the flash was going off in my eyes all the time.” (Bride’s father)

See?  Not too scathing as far as criticism goes.  Somehow, I’ve talked myself into two more weddings this summer.  A friend asks and I can’t say no.  I have a wedding next week, and one in September.  Is this how people back into careers?

2009 ESL Rochester Air Show

Getting to the Air Show was a little challenging, they closed the main streets near the show, so I had to park and take a shuttle.  It was worth the waiting because the second plane was an A-10 Warthog, one of my favorite planes.  It’s built around an 8 barrel Gatling gun that fires 12″ inch long depleted uranium shells.  It’s the durability of this airframe that I like more than the firepower, though.  the pilot is encased in a titanium “bathtub” to protect him/her from all but direct fire.  Also, the engines are deigned to fall off the airframe if they receive too much damage.  That lets the pilot get home, even if the plane sustains massive damage.

F-15 Strike Eagle

Acrobatic Airplanes

It was a fun show.  There were only 5 planes in the show, but they were interesting planes with expert pilots.  The planes are very quiet when they’re coming towards you and very loud when they’re going away.  I felt buffeted by sound as the F-15 blasted away from the crowd on afterburners.  Then he dropped down to the deck before going straight up into a Cirrus cloud.  Getting that high in a commercial airliner takes several minutes… this guy did it in about 15 seconds.   Cool.

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Happy Memorial Day

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Pepcon Disaster

Computer recreation, Wikipedia Entry

I’ve always been interested in disaster reconstruction.  Not in a gruesome way, but in the same way that I imagine NTSB investigators approach their jobs.  Disasters will happen because we are human and make mistakes, but it’s important to expose the conditions of disasters caused by human greed or negligence.

Pepcon manufactured fuel for the shuttle program in the 80’s.  the Challenger disaster reduced the demand for rocket fuel, so Pepcon began storing the fuel onsite.  A small fire spread throughout the complex, causing several massive explosions. 2 people died.  In the scheme of disasters, Pepcon isn’t the worst case of negligence, Bhopal or the Kansas city walkway collapse are better examples.  It’s important to remember how disasters happen next time you see a feel good commercial for a large industrial firm.

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McQuaid vs East High


 Flickr Photo Set.  Mike came back from Japan to visit.  His nephew was playing in a JV basketball game Friday night.  I decided to bring the camera along.  This is the second basketball game I’ve tried to photograph.  I got much better results this time.  I think standing back on the sidelines with a longer lens works better than trying to get as close as possible with a wide angle.  I shot all these pictures with a 90mm F2.8.

Happy Halloween

 Here are some costume ideas from the Renaissance Faire that I went to back in August 😉