I went on a skiing vacation once to Vermont.  I was skiing down the approaches to one of the intermediate slopes when I hit an icy patch and veered towards a steep slope.  I dropped to the ground to avoid going over the edge, but one of my skies came off and went down the hill.  I caught my breath and started sliding down the hill to retrieve my ski.  After about 10 minutes of sliding and climbing, I had both my skis back up on the trail.  I was exhausted from climbing, so I lay down to rest for about 10 minutes.  During that time, maybe 100 skiers went by.  Despite lying there in obvious distress, not a single person stopped to see if I needed help.  We don’t value compassion in this society at all, it’s seen as a weakness to be exploited instead of a strength to be encouraged.  I should feel happy that someone didn’t steal my skis while I lay there helpless.

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