Good Horror

When you look inside your mind, deeep inside your soul, inside the shell that society has constructed around our cores, what do you see?  Is it something that frightens you?  You’re not alone.  Good horror writing isn’t about the ability to imagine the horrific or frightening, we’re all capable of doing that.  A good horror writer can travel through the deepest fears and rages that we’re all made of without fear.  It is an intrinsic sense of control that protects the horror writer from the horror.  For most people, examining their dark nature would leave an indelible scar, changing them in ways they’re afraid of.  Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde illustrates this conflict, and hence it’s a classic.  Any author who tried to flesh out the character of Mr. Hyde would have to allow themselves to think like that monster for a time.  The special strength of the horror writer is the assurance that the journey through that dark personality will leave no marks but those on the paper.  It’s not a sociopath’s assurance, but rather a strength of will that protects the mind of the writer.  It’s the strength to control the Hyde in us all.

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