The Death Penalty

I’m against the Death Penalty.  Suspend your gut reaction for a moment while I explain.  I remember several times when I’ve found a crime so heinous that the death of the perpetrator didn’t bother me at all, even when it was through a death sentence.  I also remember several times when killing a child or incompetent seemed like nothing more than an extension of the whole tragedy.  After a while, I started to see all capital crime as  a series of tragedies.  Supporting the Death Penalty sometimes put me in a position where my belief in the larger ideal was at odds with the specific case in front of me.  By opposing the Death Penalty, I never find myself at odds with other things I believe in.  Besides, a murderer will get what he deserves in the end, I see no reason why society can’t express it’s outrage by locking him up until it happens.

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