The first Internet Experience


On The Network is asking users to record an audio file describing how they first realized the potential of the Internet.

Dr. Who introduced me to the Internet in 1988.  Computers were different gadgets back then.  I had an Apple SE/30 and a printer, so my room became a computer lab of one.  We re assembled broken floppies, found software, even hacked a little.  I had a 9600 baud modem in my room, so it was easy to connect to the local VAX cluster.  From here, I found a connection to Berkeley.  Somebody had posted all kinds of Mac games on the server.  As I downloaded a bunch of titles, I was amazed at how fast they made it all the way across the country to my account.  then I started to download them from my local account to my computer.  That’s when I realized the difference between networks and how speed affects everything.  It only took a few seconds to cross the country, but my Dr. Who game was going to take 4 hours to get to my computer.   That experience gave me a real sense of perspective when it comes to technology.  You complain about your cell phone dropping calls?  You should remember how it was 10 years ago.  Your wifi signal isn’t strong enough?  Imagine what it will be like in 10 years.

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