5 Reasons to Oppose Koran Burning


The Dove World Outreach Center has received a lot of feedback about their plan to burn Korans to commemorate 9/11.  Dave Ingram responded by adding 5 more reasons to the list that Fran Ingram wrote.  This has been bothering me since I first heard about it.  Fundamentalists believe that they represent the Divine here on Earth.  Saving others is a tenant of their faith.  I don’t agree with Evangelism.  I feel that the best way to truly change another person is to act as a role model, not a preacher.  The Adventists came to my house every Wednesday for a couple months.  We talked a great deal about Evangelism and how the Bible can be used in everyday life.  I still believe it’s wrong to Evangelize your faith, so they didn’t come away with a convert.  It was interesting to talk to people who are accustomed to defending their beliefs to strangers.  Most of us have a good idea of what we believe, but rarely have to debate those beliefs.  I think the folks over at the Dove Center are trapped in an insular world where dumb ideas like this one can start to sound reasonable in the sound chamber… and by the time it becomes a national crap storm, they’re stuck following through, or somehow seeming weak.  Pride comes before the fall, it’s always been true in my life.


2007-04-20_018 2007-04-20_081

One – You’re not a monk burning himself in Hanoi, you’re a Pentecostal blogger.  Having the whole world condemn you doesn’t make you a martyr, it makes you a jerk.

2007-04-20_035 2007-04-20_037

Two – .1 Is Christianity really peaceful?  A thousand years ago, Christians conquered Jerusalem in a blood bath.  Condemning modern Christians for the actions of the crusaders makes no sense.  Condemning modern Muslims for the actions of the terrorists makes no sense, either.

.2 Islam’s goals are much like Christianity’s, indeed, like most religions… Get more believers, Get money from them, Get them into Heaven

.3 No

.4 Debate, Learn, Isolate the extremists… of all stripes

2007-04-20_089 2007-04-20_042

Three – Please.  You’re writing on an international stage.  Your story has reached a critical mass where you have an ample audience. Don’t complain about your First Amendment rights being abridged.  The Fire department is interpreting the statute in a way you don’t like?  Vote against your Town board in the next election.  That’s your recourse in our system.

2007-04-20_124 2007-04-20_120

Four – OK, you don’t like them, they don’t like you. /rant

2007-04-20_070 2007-04-20_071

Five – The only truth you’re revealing here is that your group is out of touch, like the people you hate so much.

2007-04-20_007 2007-04-20_067

Finally – That’s a cop out.  It’s been used by provocateurs throughout history to disavow their actions.  You know beforehand that you will outrage the extremist and reasonable alike.  Yet, you persist.  You are very much responsible for what happens next.

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