The Dove World Outreach Center announced the other day that they plan to commemorate 9/11 by burning Korans.  I decided to go to their site to see the Why?  The news isn’t very good at the Why? when they have such a juicy What?  Fran Ingram over at the center wrote a blog entry with 10 reasons why Korans have to burn.

One – This is a circular argument…  Muslims aren’t damned just because you believe they are.  They could make a good argument that YOU are damned for burning Korans.

Two – So, we should burn books because they don’t have a divine origin?  When will someone come along and believe that your book isn’t holy enough?

Three – This is another circular argument, You believe that the Koran has idolatry in it only because YOU believe it does.

Four – There are many gospels that contradict the Canon.  They aren’t included in the bible because they didn’t pass the Dogma test… about 400 years after Christ died.

Five – Hmm, corrupt religious figures?  Whether it’s for self indulgence or financial gain, history is replete with corrupt religious figures.  Some repented, some didn’t, but we still call them Popes, Saints, and Preachers.

Six – No, Fundamentalist Sharia is totalitarian in nature and incompatible with western culture.  Turkey is an example of a democratic state that exists side by side with Islam.  Don’t be a twit, it’s the willful misunderstanding of terrorism and Islam, and the ways they are different, that makes me mad.  It would take just the smallest effort to differentiate between fundamentalists and rational, modern Islam.  You’re judging Islam based on a medieval mindset, when Islam has progressed as far as Christianity or Judaism.  Those fundamentalist you are afraid of are your counterparts, preaching hate and an archaic notion of society that the rest of us left behind centuries ago.

Seven – Again, there are examples of democratic countries with Muslim majorities.  Indeed, some of the Muslims you are vilifying live right here in the United States!  I think there are many women who would point out the way that Islam works for them.  Perhaps you’ve been getting some of those emails over the last couple days.  Our freedoms aren’t grounded in the bible, or any other religion, They’re based on the ideas of the Enlightenment.  Read your Locke.

Eight – A Christian has no right to change their religion, either…  not if they want to be saved.  And they used to kill Christians for renouncing their faith.

Nine – Deep in the teachings of the Dove World Outreach Center is the irrational fear and loathing of the East.

Ten – OH MAN, Imperialism?!  LMAO.  Do you realize that you used the same phrase that Osama himself used to describe the West and Christianity?  You have more in common with the fundamentalist Muslims who see any culture but their own as invasive, unholy.  You have let your fear and hate blind you to what is a subtle and varied religion that encompasses the devout and the evil, just as every religion does.  The evil part of Islam is just a minority that can’t let go of antiquated notions, just as you cannot let go of your hate long enough to see that you have become the evil part of Christianity.

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