There are no photos in this post.  My Flickr account has been hijacked, by Yahoo.  I was doing something that most folks do… I let my browser auto log me into my Flickr account so long that I forgot my password.  My machine crashed last week.  It wasn’t so bad that the hard drive wasn’t accessible, but the system would not boot up.  I took the opportunity to upgrade my system drive to a 500gb drive and Windows 7.  I got everything back except for my Flickr password.  I checked their support page, and they forwarded me to Yahoo, since they are now the owners of the Flickr property.  So, now I need to access my Yahoo account to get access to my Flickr account.

I haven’t logged into my Yahoo account in 5-6 years.  I set it up in college, so it could have 15-20 years worth of secret questions and zip codes associated with it.  sure enough, the first question the password reset page confronts me with is “Where did you spend your honeymoon?”  I’ve never been married.  I asked for another question, and got “Where did you spend your honeymoon?”

Surely, a human could help me with this problem, after all, I’ve been paying for my Flickr account for years.  They have never had any problems finding me when it’s time to renew my Flickr account. I called Yahoo account services and got a gentleman who was obviously trying to cover up an accent.  I got the impression that he handled several different companies.  After the usual sundries of name, account, problem, he asked me a security question “Where did you spend your honeymoon?”

I explained that I did not know the answer to that question, never married, haven’t logged into my account in years, only need it to access my PAID Flickr account.  he wouldn’t budge an inch.  After offering several different ways to prove who I am, it was obvious that where I spent my honeymoon was the keystone to unlock the Yahoo world.  I tried a couple obvious ones like Niagara Falls and Vegas, but nothing worked.

So, here I am.  I have 12,000 pictures on Flickr, taken by some guy that used to be me.  I guess I’ll just start a new account on Flickr and upload all my pictures again.  We’ll see what happens next April when flickr wants $25 more dollars.

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  1. Manuel Says:

    Wow, that REALLY sucks, man. So sorry to hear that.

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