Lollypop Favorites

Even before I opened the door to cat Holding 2, I could hear this little guy caterwailing.  I don’t know his story, but somehow, he wound up in with the stray cats.  He must have wandered off from his littermates and lost his way.  He wasn’t happy about waiting for a foster home.  I cupped my hands, he jumped in, licked himself clean, and fell asleep 🙂

On the left… scaredey cat.  She only wanted to sniff my finger through the little space between her box and the side of the cage.  It took a minute or two before she decided that I was trustworthy.  I gently slid the box away from the wall and snuck a picture before she changed her mind.

Amber’s never found a head sized hole that she didn’t stick her head into.  After spelunking, we went over to check out the Emus.  Amber found something appealing, cause she did this strange shimmy thing along the fence.

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