Mendon and Lollypop Favorites

Joe, Nat and I went for a hike this morning before I went over to Lollypop.  Joe just signed up for a marathon, so he pretty much took the lead 🙂  Here’s Joe with Charlie, both with the long tongues.  The Inuit say that a long tongue is a way of telling how tired the sled dogs are.  I don’t think Joe’s that tired, and Charlie wore himself out sniffing after every deer scent he came across.  I saw more than 30 deer cross a road in the park this morning.  It was really cool to watch them clatter across the road for so long.  We went up the hill to see the the water tower, and I gasped some sweet, sweet, oxygen.

The volunteer notes on this cage said “Hissy”

After taking pictures in cat adoption, I usually look at the dogs for a few minutes before going back to cat holding 1.  Dogs are really a two person job, so I don’t take dog pictures for the website.  I couldn’t  help but pause by this fellow.  He’s a beautiful dog, white Siberian and… looks like Shepard.  I could just picture him rolling around in a mud puddle with Amber over at Mendon Ponds.  Nez Pa.  If you’re looking for a dog, Koda here would be perfect.  Visit him over at

One Response to “Mendon and Lollypop Favorites”

  1. Manuel Says:

    Yeah, that is a great looking dog. You need more dog pics!

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