Lollypop Favorites

When Amber and I got to the shelter today, I met a friend that I haven’t seen in a year or so.  She was there to pick up a collar for a cat she’s taking in.  We talked about cat things and picture things.  We agreed that it’s better for people to bring animals they don’t want to the shelter instead of abandoning them.  With that thought in mind, I went to print out my picture list.  This cat was in the office.  She’d been set on fire.  The cruelty of this act is kind of overwhelming.  My hands are too coarse to comfort a pain like that.  I scratched her chin, tried not to rub her ears, and watched her eat.

I got these two right in a row.  That’s when I had to go home.   They were so friendly, so desperate for contact, that I couldn’t leave them.   I couldn’t take them home, so I just played with each of them for a few minutes, and left with 4 pictures still to take.

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