Little Lollypopers

How should you approach a litter of kittens?  I always feel drawn to the kittens first, but it’s important to pay attention to mom, too.  I try to ignore the little ones at first, and make friends with mom.  This mom was having a stressful day, she was friendly, but gave little grumbling growls when she walked under my hand.  For a few minutes, she would sniff me, walk behind the kittens, then come back for another whiff.  After a couple rubs, I gave her a good chin rub till she relaxed and purred a bit.

After mom was happy again, I gently blew on the kittens.  They perked up and a couple came to the front of the cage.  the white one with the blue eyes and gray tail was my favorite.  After getting the ok from mom, he started climbing up my arm and biting my sleeve.

These kittens are just 22 days old, so they just opened their eyes.  They’ll go into foster care for a couple months until they’re old enough to be adopted.  Good luck, little travelers 🙂

One Response to “Little Lollypopers”

  1. Manuel Says:

    These kittens are adorable!

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