Lollypop Favorites

This little lady is my favorite for this week.  She is a Polydactyl cat.  normally, this condition gives cats extra toes, but sometimes it can result in a clubbed foot like this one.  She gets around pretty well.  the silent vet tech was bringing her in when I got to cat Holding 1.  I call her that cause she never says anything to me to me, even though I say hello when I pass her in the hallway.  She just rushes past me like I have some kind of tumor on my forehead.  Oh well, I’m just a punk volunteer, I guess, not worthy of a hello.  there are a few people like that there… people that I’ve been saying hello to for 5 years, but still look at me like I’m one of the parolees paying off some time at the shelter.

Yeah, today was one of those days at the shelter.  I tried to pick up a cat for a volunteer, and it  gave me a warning nip.  Not a bite, but a “BUZZ OFF!” for sure.  Then I got to this fellow in Cat Holding and he got all hissy on me.  After getting dissed by the silent vet, I decided to just call it a day…

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