Lollypop Favs Black Cat Edition

This cat was in the waiting area when Amber and I came through.   She was waiting to be booked into the shelter.  I don’t judge the folks surrendering their animals at the shelter.  Everyone has a different story or reason why they can’t take care of an animal.  Some are legit, some aren’t.  For the people going through big life changes, the shelter is the best chance to find a new home.  For the people who don’t value the life they’re abandoning, at least they’re not dropping it off at the side of the road.

My favorite cats this week turned out to be black cats.  It wasn’t by design, just the way things worked out.

I went to the supermarket to get some candy and found their Halloween section bare.  All that was left was candy a horse wouldn’t eat.  I wandered around for a bit, and two aisles over, they had a dozen Christmas trees on display.  So, on Halloween, they had more xmass stuff than Halloween stuff.  I may understand that they need to plan ahead…. but I go to a supermarket so I DON’T have to plan ahead.  Not having candy on Halloween is lame.  Merry Halloween.

One Response to “Lollypop Favs Black Cat Edition”

  1. Manuel Says:

    That cat in the box is adorable. Yeah, by Halloween, they are already clearing things out. No day after Halloween, get stuff on discount. You wait til then and it is gone.

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