Lollypop Lost Signal

Lollypop’s internet connection was down when I got there, so I couldn’t take pictures today.  The intake and inventory system is hosted, so I couldn’t run the cats without pictures report.  Oh, well, Amber and I walked around for a while before heading out.

Purricles… that cracked me up 🙂  Those are signature bricks on the walk outside the shelter.  I can’t believe I never saw this one before, it’s right next to the front door.  If Amber hadn’t stopped to sniff the roses (well, pee on the roses, actually) I would have missed it again.  We found a couple friendly horses, had a nice chat with a lady and her Doberman/Shepard, then headed over to Best Buy to fruitlessly search for computer software.  I did the “I’m looking for something” 360’s in each aisle, but no help.  I went to the “help” desk, but he sent me to the shelf that had windows… not windows software.  Sigh.  Lowe’s was much better, I only had to do 2 360’s before someone came up to help

One Response to “Lollypop Lost Signal”

  1. Manuel Says:

    I love Best Buy, but it can be darn hard to find someone to help you sometimes. I am more of a Home Depot guy when it comes to man stores.

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