The Wedding Photographer

I’ve taken pictures at two weddings so far.  After each one, I’ve told myself that I wouldn’t do it again.  It’s not that I really dislike taking wedding pictures, but I feel like I’m skating on thin ice.  I’ve heard so many stories of photographers who get raked over the coals for missing something or not getting the right shots.  Even the mild criticism I’ve gotten at the two weddings has cut deep, more because I take it to heart than any ill will on their part.  “I didn’t think much of your photographer when I first saw him, but the pictures turned out great.”(Bride’s father)  “You took too many pictures, the flash was going off in my eyes all the time.” (Bride’s father)

See?  Not too scathing as far as criticism goes.  Somehow, I’ve talked myself into two more weddings this summer.  A friend asks and I can’t say no.  I have a wedding next week, and one in September.  Is this how people back into careers?

3 Responses to “The Wedding Photographer”

  1. Manuel Says:

    Yeah, I can see how it would be so stressful. I would never do it.

  2. babybull40 Says:

    First time here..

    Great pics.. If the bride and Groom are happy with the pics you take than that is all that matters.. You obviously have a hidden talent and wouldn’t give up so easily.. Beautiful shots…

  3. Derek Says:

    Even as a pro, I wouldn’t shoot my friend’s wedding. At most 1-2 hours of the day. I rather enjoy their day and celebrate them than to stress over the photos.

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