Oatka Creek

I have about as much control when I hear of a sure thing fishing spot as Yukon Cornelius.  A guy at work told me about a stretch of Oatka creek that gets stocked with yearling and 2 year old trout every spring.  So, My friend and I set out early one morning to check it out.  We fished the stream for about 4 hours, didn’t catch a thing.

Monday, I go back into the office, ready to confront the guy for sending me to a dead spot.  His desktop image was 15 trout in a baking dish.  He an two others caught their limit that same morning… and were heading back home after just an hour.  Turns out, the good spot is a couple miles further upstream than the spot I tried.

This afternoon, Amber and I went looking for that section of the stream.  We found it pretty easily, even the gun club that my friend at work talked of.  Three of them were drinking beers across the stream on the club’s porch when I got to the big pool.  I tried a bunch of different lures, from spinners to spoons to jigs, but didn’t catch a thing.  Oh well, it was a fun hike.  I took my disappointment out on the dog, mocking her mercilessly for being afraid of a woodpecker.

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