Microloans and Goats

I feel uncomfortable every time I see a charity commercial.  On the one hand, I would like to help the people I see, but the way they present the commercial makes me feel used a little bit.  It’s contrived sentimentality that relies on guilt to “sell” the product.

I’ve looked around for charities that don’t use pressure tactics, and here are two that I really like…

Kiva.  This is a great idea.  Maybe you’ve heard about microloans.  In the third/developing world, a $10 loan can get a business started.  Kiva connects people willing to lend money with businesses all over the third world.  I found a group of ladies in the Dominican Republic that sell orders for clothes, then take out a loan from Kiva to fill the orders.  they’ve paid back 7 other loans.  Can’t really be called “charity”… just folks helping other folks 🙂

Heifer International.  This is another good idea.  Heifer takes your money to raise domestic animals that are then given to farmers in the developing world.  It’s a “give a man a fish…” kind of charity.  Part of their program teaches the farmers modern husbandry techniques with the proviso that any animals born have to be given to another farmer in need.

One Response to “Microloans and Goats”

  1. Manuel Says:

    Those are good to know about because I know what you mean about the contrived sentiments. It makes me sick.

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