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Today, A man stole a plane in Canada and flew it erratically south for about 6 hours until landing in Missouri.  He flew over the Wisconsin State Capital building, forcing a short evacuation.  There are some reports that he was despondent, and wanted to be shot down by US fighter planes.  As he flew, he was followed by F-16s from the different commands that he overflew.

This is an amazing story to me.  A long range plane entered US airspace, and flew around without identifying itself for hours and wasn’t shot down.  We had the restraint to evaluate this threat and take appropriate action against it.  I’ve been sensing this “shoot first, ask questions later” kind of feeling in the US over the last couple years.  I much prefer this guy sitting in a jail cell to being splattered across someone’s lawn.

One Response to “Restraint”

  1. Manuel Says:

    Wow, this surprises me. I thought it was just assumed that you get shot down immediately for these kind of things in this current climate.

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