KBR Dreams of Electric Sheep

CNN Story

KBR announced the replacement of their head of Government Business just as Haliburton pleads guilty to bribing Nigerian officials for bid favors….  Coincidence 🙂

Kellog, Brown, and Root was a subsidiary of Haliburton until late last year.  They handled engineering, construction and repair for most of Haliburton’s worldwide operations.  KBR was awarded bids to construct over 100,000 buildings in Iraq and Afghanistan.  These buildings serve different purposes, but mostly house American soldiers.  Over the last couple years, there have been several deaths in the buildings. Soldiers have been electricuted in the shower by short circuits.  The army commissioned a survey of all buildings in Iraq to look for code violations.  After inspecting the KBR buildings, the inspector said that many buildings were not grounded properly and probably wouldn’t pass Iraqi codes, let alone US codes, which are in effect on Army bases.

I hate seeing companies and governments doing business this way.  the “Wink, wink” or no bid contract through the old buddies network leads to people cutting corners, and proves why corruption hurts everyone in a society.  KBR would do the same thing building your local fast food restaurant if regulations weren’t enforced more strictly here than they are on Army bases.  That kind of callous greed bothers me.

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One Response to “KBR Dreams of Electric Sheep”

  1. Manuel Says:

    I hadn’t heard about this. That’s horrible…

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