Fever Dreams

I got levelled by some bug Tuesday night.  It started out with a bit of dizzyness, some nausea… By 3AM Wednesday, I was reduced to a whimpering ball of shivering Jello.  The fever broke this morning around 3AM, the classic 24 hour bug.  I’ve had fever dreams before, I suppose everyone has.  For me, time seems to stand still, the clock moves very slowly, gives me plenty of time to dream about crazy stuff.  This time, it was giant rabbits.  The world even took on a cartoon quality, as if everything was made of pastels.  I didn’t dream about Watership Down, but things looked a lot like a movie.  Usually, my fever dreams look like the awakening scene in 2001.  I kind of drift across this landscape of lines and symbols, not really directing where I go.  The landscape doesn’t change much, but I still have a sense of movement.  I don’t like fever dreams, it’s disconcerting to be helpless, sleepless, and foodless.  It’s a unique experience, though.

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