New Computer

Here’s what the old computer looks like.  I built it about 4 years ago for $400.  I bought the slimline case, but a full height video card, so I never could put the top cover on.  I feel kind of bad replacing it, where’s the cat going to sleep?

Here’s the new computer… 500 Watts of LED powered goodness.  It took three tries to buy it over at  not their fault, I haven’t used the credit card since June, so it got denied twice before I figured out that I had to order a new card.  each time, the computer got a little bit better than the last one.  I started out with a prudent, low budjet gaming machine.  By the time I was pulling out another card, I was up to a mainstream gaming machine.  It’s not alienware, but Burnout Paradise runs flawlessly on it.  I’m grinning with nerdly glee 🙂

Gigabyte Motherboard, Nvidia 9800GT video card, 4GB RAM, 3.0GHZ Intel processor, Raidmax case/power supply

One Response to “New Computer”

  1. Manuel Says:

    That’s impressive. As much as I know about computers, I have no idea how to build one. I would like to try one day.

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