Lollypop Moods

The shelter has moods that I can feel from week to week.  Sometimes, a lot of the cats are cranky, other times, the dogs in the back are barky.  It varies from week to week.  This was a strange week.  Yeah, the dogs were barky, I had a couple hissers, which I haven’t had in a few weeks.

Still, the cats didn’t seem angry.  Instead, they were laying low.  There were three or four pictures that I couldn’t take because the cats wouldn’t come out from under their blankets.  I don’t coax too much.  If a cat doesn’t get curious about me after blowing on them once or twice, I just move on.

It can take a long time for a cat to get acclimated to a shelter environment.  If their owner surrenders, they’ve undoubtedly come from a relatively quiet house or apartment.  Now, they live in a reverberating stainless steel cage, get poked and prodded by all sorts of strangers… Oh, some guy comes by and blasts two flashes in their face, too.

When a lot of cats in the shelter are fearful, the rest can feel it.  even the firendly cats want a sniff or two before they’ll let you scratch their chin.

One Response to “Lollypop Moods”

  1. Manuel Says:

    I am sure the animals feed off each other so it does not surprise me that moods are contagious there.

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