WOW Economics

This is my auction alt. I use him as a clearing house for the things my other characters collect. He wears a Halliscan Tuxedo and uses a fish as a weapon. I still haven’t found a hat he can wear at level 12. You can see in the picture that I’m about to pass 2000 gold. I’m not a WOW millionaire, but I don’t take any shame in my WOW Poverty. One of my favorite phases in any game is the accumulation of wealth and working for that next bit of armor or gun. Inevitably, I reach a point in most games where I’m effectively invincible. That’s usually when I lose interest and move on to the next game. WoW is a little different. It’s actually kind of fun being (almost) invincible. By the time a character hits Level 40 (out of 80) or so, you can start to take on the group dungeons by yourself. By “soloing” instances, you can collect and sell the loot that normally would be split among 4 other players. Besides, you get to wade through a sea of bad guys reigning destruction, all for a couple stacks of wool or runecloth. I’ve found that I can solo instances starting 10-15 levels below my current level. My 72 Hunter can solo any 5 man instance in the old world. You can see that he only has mediocre gear, but I can wade through Stratholme.

Every instance has its own flow, and you can’t use the same techniques for every instance. Gnomeregan is always a slow instance for me. Instead of gathering everyone up and getting a nice neat pile of loot, I take them on 2-3 at a time, and they spread out more. In Stockades or Scarlet Monastery, I can gather up 20 or so mobs and kill them all in one spot. Start with the low level instances like Dead Mines or Stockades and run them until you get comfortable. Instances can provide you with all kinds of things. I’m working on my Gnomeregan Exiles reputation (Yeah, I want a Mechanostrider), so I’m getting my wool at stockades, my silk at gnomeregan, mageweave at Sunken Temple, and runecloth in Blackrock Depths.

3 Responses to “WOW Economics”

  1. Manuel Says:

    Wow, I have no idea what you just said!!! 🙂

  2. Randi Says:

    Wow, I know exactly what you just said! lol

    That game is so much fun, whether you solo or group…but I pour a lot of my gold into my guild (It’s named Must Love Cats…thought you’d appreciate it) and alts…I don’t have much left over for my 74 hunter.

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