Lollypop Kittens

What problem can’t be soothed by a friendly kitten?.  Hardy here is my favorite this week.  I had to prop the flash on a can of cat food, but I finally got good light.  Thank you for your nice emails Valkyrie, W.J., Scottage.  I’ve moved from a very free form environment to one that is much more structured, I’ll be able to figure it out I think 🙂

I’m hanging on to the things that I love like Lollypop, perhaps clinging to Photography, but they’re still there for me when I get back to them.

2 Responses to “Lollypop Kittens”

  1. Lou Says:

    most of whats written on Suresh Gundappa’s blog is written by famous Osho, this guy shamelesly
    rips all the rewards, like he wrote it all himself, he also pretends that those photos
    are his own.
    is this copycatting allowed on that site?
    wouldnt it be honest to quote names?
    no, he takes all the prases, hahaha!

    “Suresh Gundappa” -just a tief

  2. Manuel Says:

    Allergies. Allergies can’t be solved by a friendly kitten.

    I’m back…

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