Lollypop Sunday

Monkey here is my favorite this week.  He’s been in the shelter for more than 3 weeks, which was a bit of a mystery to me and the volunteer in Cat Adoption.  When I got to Monkey, she came over to watch and take the opportunity to play with this unique little fellow.  He jumped right up on my shoulders, purred in my ear, and nuzzled my cheek.  He’s a really sweet kitten.  I can’t imagine why no one has adopted him yet, but he should find a home eventually.

The third picture I took in cat Holding 1 was of this little lady.  She’s sad because her cagemate was PTS, Put To Sleep.  Somehow, that struck me deeply, the other cat’s entry was still on my list, but he wouldn’t need a picture anymore.  I found it very hard to keep going after taking that picture.  I just wanted to leave, go home, just be anywhere but there.  I started telling myself that other cats are on the bubble here, and pictures improve their adoption chances immensely.  I had to repeat it over and over again.  I was very distracted the rest of the time I was there… rushing through some photos, lingering on others.  I had to check my list repeatedly for some pictures, having forgotten the numbers in the moment it took me to go from my list to the cage.

So, I took a couple extra pictures of Amber as we walked out of the shelter, and drove home in a melancholy mood.  there is some comfort in the notion that I’m there to help.

Lollypop Photo Set

One Response to “Lollypop Sunday”

  1. Manuel Says:

    Monkey is adorable. I don’t know how he hasn’t been adopted yet.

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