Lollypop Monday

I was late uploading my pictures this week.  I’m taking pictures at a frined’s wedding next week, and we wanted to talk it over beforehand.  I had a much better time at Lollypop this week.  there was still a big grey alley cat, but he was really friendly.  Someone chewed on his ear sometime ago… it just made him a little more unique.  He sauntered out of his cage just as I opened it up.  It felt a little like taking dog pictures solo.  he kept getting too close, looking for a chin rub.  After 5 or 6 tries, I got a shot that wasn’t out of focus.  I decided to settle for that, cause that’s all I was going to get out of him.  When I’m taking pictures I try to keep in mind what each cat look like on the web page.  What do I want to emphasize with this picture.  some cats are easy.  The gray Tom’s ear should be prominent because some people don’t like that kind of feature, others are drawn to it… it’s a decision point in the adoption process.  If a cat has multiple toes, I make an effort to make them visible.  again, it’s something that will draw some people and repel others.  Photography is like that regardless of what you’re shooting.  Each picture should say something, even if that something is nothing. 🙂

My Lollypop photo Collection

2 Responses to “Lollypop Monday”

  1. Amanda Says:

    Hey! I just discovered your photo site–I’m a Lollypop employee who has always been impressed by your dedication to the animals–now more than ever! I love reading your thoughts about the animals you photograph–really lovely. Thanks.

  2. Manuel Says:

    No matter how you shoot them, they always come out so cute.

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