Lollypop Scratch and Snarl

I knew it was going to be a tough day when the first cat hissed at me.  Some cats just don’t like the camera… at least I hope it’s not me.  From there, it just went downhill.  The Big old gray Tomcat above jumped out of the cage the instant I opened it.  He wandered around the room, meowing at the other cats.  He still seemed friendly, so I tried to usher him back into his cage.  He jumped up on my shoulders and started growling and hissing at the other cats.  It’s a little scary having a really mad, 15 pound cat hunched on your shoulders.  He was digging in for a fight, too.  He had the landing gear out and was holding onto my back for dear life.  I kneeled in front of his cage, but he didn’t want to go back in.  He seemed dis-content to just sit there digging into my skin.  Eventually, I unbalanced him enough that his only out was to jump back into his cage.  I try to close the cage doors slowly so I don’t scare the cats, but I nearly slammed this one after he was clear.  Even the gray kitten play gnawing on my finger had lost its appeal by the time I got to him.

It wasn’t all bad, I still found a couple cats that I would have liked to adopt.  If I took them all home, the dog would eventually have a breakdown.  The orange cat was very friendly, and the buff kittens were fun to watch as they played with each other.  They were playing rough and tumble, only taking breaks to get some milk from mom.  The white kitten was meowing like crazy when I got to cat holding 2.  She was just looking for some attention.  I stayed at her cage for a while, just glad to find a friendly cat.

Lollypop farm photo set

One Response to “Lollypop Scratch and Snarl”

  1. Manuel Says:

    Quite an adventure! Especially when the cat jumped on your shoulders!

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