Lollypop Favorites

I’m happy to be back at Lollypop taking pictures.  It’s still hard to see long timers like the girl on the right.  She’s been there long enough that the shelter has lowered her adoption fee.  Hopefully, she’ll find a home quickly.  I only take cat pictures for the shelter’s website because I’m the only photo volunteer there on Sundays.  Dog pictures are definitely a two person job.  I still stop by the dog kennels as I go from cat adoption to the cat holding areas in the back.

This little fellow is my favorite this week.  He just seemed to be waiting for me when I got to cat holding 1.  He was the third picture I took in that room.  He was a head butting, shoulder climbing, nose and teeth licking (?!) sweety.    He’ll go fast once he makes it up to cat adoption.  The cat behind him didn’t come down from her perch the whole time I was playing with her roommate.  I’m a little more concerned about her future.  Maybe she’s just shy from being in jail.

The kittens on the left all have Conjunctivitis, a contagious eye disease.  They’ll stay in the back until it clears up.  the lady on the right lost part of her rudder somewhere along the way, she seemed friendly, and having something distinctive makes for a faster adoption.  Good luck

One Response to “Lollypop Favorites”

  1. Manuel Says:

    Your opening paragraph broke my heart…

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