What I did over summer vacation

Back in June, I broke down and bought World of Warcraft. I play two main characters, a hunter and a priest. I’ve found some people who are fun to play with, and people that are more annoying than anyone I meet in real life. I don’t really play player versus player much, but I’ve squished a couple people who deserved it, and been squished a couple times when I didn’t deserve it. If you’re familiar with wow, the screenshots will look familiar… if you don’t play, then you probably stopped reading a couple sentences ago.

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I find wow to be a really interesting game. the graphics appear rather primitive by today’s standards, but that covers up very complicated game mechanics. It’s a hard game to get good at because you don’t just have to master the game, you have to understand group psychology to succeed. Making in-game money relies on preying on people’s greed and laziness. After I figured that out, making money wasn’t really a problem. I made enough money to buy epic mounts for both my characters in two days.

My two characters are very different. grolm is DPS (Damage per second). his job in a group is to damage mobs (monsters) without drawing their attention away from the Tank (warrior/druid/paladin) grolm doesn’t get invited to many groups because the vast majority of players on wow seem to be DPS characters. He’s a loner and the bread winner. He doesn’t have any good armor or weapons, but he’s fun to play when I want to be left alone on the server. He also gathers resources from the world that I can sell for in-game money. friar is a healer. He doesn’t do much damage compared to other players, but he gets invites to groups all the time. He has pretty good armor and equipment from joining groups to run through Instances (dungeons designed for groups of players). Friar is a complete drain on my money because he has few ways to make money, and plenty of ways to spend it.

I have a couple other characters, but they don’t really fit like Grolm and friar do. Those two have a symbiotic relationship that keeps me interested in their progression more than the others. Somehow, each needs the other to be successful, and each matches a different mood I bring to the game.

Call me lame if you want. I did spend most of the summer inside talking to imaginary friends. It suited me that every human interaction was tenuous and fleeting this summer. I just didn’t feel like talking about anything more important than how to kill mobs and complete quests.

2 Responses to “What I did over summer vacation”

  1. Manuel Says:

    Online game interactions are fun. I have made some good friends that way. Never played WOW, but I hear nothing but good things.

  2. Randi Says:

    If you are ever on the Skywall server, look me up. My player name is Sarairda!

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