Lollypop Lag

I haven’t picked up the camera in two months. It feels like a long time, and it is. My transfer at work has taken more from me than just a comfortable position. I don’t read about physics or astronomy, I don’t fly my kite, I don’t do any of the things I used to. When I left, they asked me if I wanted to take my personal stuff from my old desk. I didn’t want any of it. My old boss spent more than a year setting up this transfer, torpedoing my reputation at work. It wasn’t just a simple transfer, it was a personal vendetta. While I was trying to make thing right at work, none of it mattered. 8 months later, I still don’t understand what I did to deserve this, and why no one cared enough to ask me before believing everything he said.

It’s getting better. I started looking for a new position. The cooperative is content to let me rot in this dreary place, so my hope that I could transfer again is gone. Well past time to find something better… something else.

One Response to “Lollypop Lag”

  1. Manuel Says:

    I am glad you are slowly getting back in the game. I was worried you weren’t going to post again.

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