Lollypop 404

Joey here is my favorite this week.  she was adopted a year ago, but brought back to the shelter because she poops outside the box.  It happens sometimes.  Some cats are very particular about having a clean litter box, others don’t care so much.  I had a cat in college that was very picky.  If Gary’s box wasn’t spotless, she’d engage in revenge poops, mostly on my bed 😦  Can’t tell you the unique sensation of coming home a little too tipsy, rolling into bed, and AAAAAH!

joey is pretty unique, too.  She has extra toes on all her limbs, but she also can’t use her front paws.  Her wrists are permanently bent, so she walks on her front wrists.  That’s why everyone is holding on to her in these pictures, she was trying to jump off the counter, which would probably hurt.  Joey is a really friendly cat, she just basked under all that attention, rolling over, showing off and purring.  I’m sure she’ll get adopted, she just needs a neatnik owner to keep her box clean.

I broke my flash right after taking pictures of Joey.  I just dropped it 8 inches, not as far as other drops.  It must have hit just right (or wrong) to break something important inside.  I’ll take it apart this week to see if it’s something I can fix, but I’m kind of doubtful about it.  I just hope it’s not one of those “cheaper to replace than fix” things.  We’ll see…

One Response to “Lollypop 404”

  1. FiberFollies Says:

    Joey sure is cute! Her polydactyly is a form that results in shortened, underdeveloped, or missing foreleg bones. That is, the extra toes and the foreleg defect are from the same cause. It’sa genetic defect that is fortunately rarer than simple polydactyly. I forget the name, radial something. Amazing what a cat can do with what she has.

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