Lollypop favorites

I’m sorry I’ve been in a rut lately. My neighbor across the stream just called to make sure I wasn’t “dead on the living room carpet” She was nice about it, and we talked for a little while. I recounted my month. At my last dentist visit, he said that he needed to fix a cavity on my last molar, but that pesky wisdom tooth had a cavity in it as well. A good enough excuse for him. My dentist has been trying to get me to agree to have my wisdom teeth removed for a couple years now. I’ve resisted in a futile attempt to avoid pain. Well, I’ve got it now. Between the referral, the oral surgeon’s schedule, and more than one annoying medical office worker, those two cavities have had 4 months to prosper. I’m reduced to keeping toothache cream, dental floss, and a brush with me all the time. the appointment is next week. the strangest part of it for me is that the wisdom tooth lies right next to a bundle of nerves. When there’s a problem with a wisdom tooth, the nerves above it can get short circuited. Occasionally, a healthy tooth will ache for no reason. My cavities aren’t fighting fair.

The cat on the left must have had a toothache, too. She lunged out at me right after this picture. I should have just skipped that cage, my mistake.

I got a ticket for fishing without a license back in 2005. I was quietly outraged by the whole thing. I’ve gotten a fishing license every year since I came to New York in 1986. I sold my truck in the spring of 2005. With no way to tow the boat, I didn’t pick up a fishing license that year. A friend asked me if I wanted to go fishing one weekend, and I went without remembering the missing license. I fished for 30 minutes in 2005, and got a $200 ticket. I got a license in 2006, and didn’t go fishing once. That made things even in my eyes. Not so much in New York State’s eyes, though. An environmental officer stopped by the house on my birthday to talk about the ticket. He kept saying things like “By all rights, I should have you in cuffs and drive you back down to the court. The judge is in session right now.” I wrote a check right there and drove down Friday to hand deliver the check to the clerk’s office.

“Sport” on the right is my favorite this week. He’s been in the shelter for a while. He had stopped grooming himself, so the volunteers put him in one of the offices. With almost constant attention, he’s getting better. I brushed out two handfuls of fur before taking my pictures. Amber kept him company while I was away. When I got back to the office, another volunteer was brushing out another handful. He’s a big old lap cat, super friendly, he’ll be alright.

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