Lollypop Favorites

This little fuzzball was my favorite this week. He just wanted to play. He licked my face, too 😉 He’s about 6 weeks old.

I had 8 ferrets to take pictures of today. It’s hard taking pictures of these slinky little fellows. They’re curious about everything, so they want to check me out, check the camera out, and then run around the room. Four or five kids were watching me take pictures. It must have been pretty funny to see me pick up a ferret and put it back in the cage just in time for another one jump out. I eventually got all the pictures and went on to take pictures of the cats. Smelling like a ferret made me a sniff magnet for the cats the rest of the morning.

2 Responses to “Lollypop Favorites”

  1. Manuel Says:

    Are the ferrets for adoption? They are illegal here in California.

  2. fiberfollies Says:

    Your images are great! You caught that ferret personality in them. Love your descriptions too. “Sniff Magnet”, and from an earlier post, “Lap Lord”.

    Your posts must make a difference in the Lollypop residents’ lives. Thank you for caring.

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