Lollypop Favorites

Not every customer goes away happy… This cat was none too pleased with my picture taking.  Cats judge our attitude by how open our eyes are.  Semi closed eyes mean that we’re comfortable with the cat, so… you can suppose that the cat won’t have a reason to be mad.  I try to keep my eyes mostly closed when I open a cage…  Then I stick this giant lens in there and take a double flash picture.  I’m surprised that more cats don’t get upset when I come calling.

This little lady was my favorite this week.  She was a little stand off ish at first, but after she had a good sniff, and nibble, she was really friendly.  She was a little nippy, but not bitey.

Yup, that’s a pigeon.  Every couple years, someone finds a pigeon on their yard and brings it in thinking that it’s someone’s pet.   The little fellow on the right came in with matted fur all over the place.  he’s chubby, so someone’s been feeding him.  He still managed to pick up a bunch of fleas.  He was in the middle of a shave when I came in.  He had a pretty bare bottom, which I didn’t take pictures of 😉

Here are the petting goats.  Amber and I lingered by the fence for a while, and they came over to take a look.  Amber was making this whiny barky kind of noise.  There’s an Amber’s-eye-view, too 😉

2 Responses to “Lollypop Favorites”

  1. Manuel Says:

    Wow, that cat looks pretty scary on top!

  2. glorious Says:

    Amber wanted to play with the nice goats. 🙂

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