Mendon Ponds

 I bought a new lens for my camera a couple weeks ago.  I’ve taken it to Lollypop a couple times, but it’s been too cold to really take it out and try it.  Yesterday, it was in the 40’s and sunny, so Amber and I went over to Mendon Ponds Park to check out the Deep Pond trail.


 I eventually pulled out the telephoto to do some birding.  My favorite tree in the park is on the right.  I’m impressed with the new wide angle.  It’s a lot lighter than my old lens, and 25 mm wider.  Tamron 17-35mm


 The geese are coming back.  there must have been 4 or 5 hundred of them on Hundred Acre Pond.  They all took off at the same time when a couple fisherman spooked them.  They flew right over our heads and we didn’t get hit once.

Mendon Ponds PhotoSet

One Response to “Mendon Ponds”

  1. glorious Says:

    Geese are beautiful. We have a schoolyard behind our house and geese stop by on their way south or back home. They make a lot of noise and we love it. 🙂

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