Sterling Renaissance Faire, McJob Wikipedia definition

Well, I still have a job. I guess being transferred for no given reason, no phone or desk for three weeks, and being asked several times if I’m the new temporary guy didn’t mean what I thought. I don’t get it. I was doing a great job last fall, but not good enough to keep my position or get any positive feedback. Now I’m just mailing it in, and they think I’m doing a great job. My contract director said so in the meeting. Then why do I still feel like I failed?

2 Responses to “McJob”

  1. Manuel Says:

    It’s just not right what they did. Maybe this new place is more laid back that they don”t even notice you are “mailing it in.”

  2. glorious Says:

    Weird how it works. Work your ass off and you are resented in some places. I’ve been there. I’m relieved you didn’t lose your job. Smiles.

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