Lollypop Favorites

 It’s a slow time at the shelter these days.  I like going there when there are a lot of empty cages.  When the shelter has no empty cages, an under current of stress runs through everything.  Today, I only had one picture to take in the Owner Surrenders, and that cat had already been adopted when I got there.  Good times at Lollypop.

 Too bad that’s all that’s going good.  The lady I’m interested in said that she’s not looking for a relationship right now.  That’s code for something…  Blech.  It looks like they’re going to let me go tomorrow, too.  I figure they transferred me so it would be easier to eliminate my position.

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My Lollypop Photo Collection

2 Responses to “Lollypop Favorites”

  1. glorious Says:

    Let you go! Oh no! I’m so sorry. I hope there is something better waiting for you. Hugs. g

  2. branwynne77 Says:


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