Lollypop Favorites

This guy was my favorite.  I went back to his cage to play for a while when I finished my other pictures.  He was friendly and confident.  A great lap cat.  He’s still under evaluation, but I’m sure he’ll find a home when he moves up front.  I really like the over exposed quality of the top right picture.  Eventually, I had to go, and put him back in his cage.  He was not very happy to see me leave.  It was hard to walk away, but no harder than last time, or the time before…


I was a distracted photographer today. I left my ISO at 1600 from last week’s basketball game, and forgot to set my usual +1 EV. Alas, if only my distraction was caused by the amor, but it doesn’t seem like she’s interested. Too bad, I had butterflies and was all nervous at dinner, felt good.


I know a couple people who have had tougher times lately, but I’m really starting to think that I’m caught in this nexus of bad karma. I guess it has to swing back again, but I’m impatient… and wondering what’s next… My Lollypop Collection

  Hey, watch me saw a cat in half!  lol

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