Dominican Coffee and Chocolate

I couldn’t resist taking the picture of the rooster on the coffee drying platform. Dominican coffee is really excellent, especially when it’s brewed as a dense little shot of energy. One day on vacation, I took a tour of the mountainous part of the Dominican Republic. Our tour guide, Eros, took us to a “typical” country home. It was staged, but it was still really interesting to see the traditional way of making coffee and chocolate.

  Cocoa beans are tamped and then husked.

After some cooking and grinding, cocoa powder comes out.  It’s not sweet, but has a very strong chocolate flavor.  It can be brewed into a coffee like drink, or processed into milk chocolate.

Natura Park Set 

One Response to “Dominican Coffee and Chocolate”

  1. jackalope Says:

    At which point in the process is the rooster poop removed?

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