What Happened

My brother has had Borderline Personality Disorder for several years. Over that time, he has confided in several people. Sometimes, those calls have been calls for help, other times, talking through a rough patch. In 2005, he started to call me. I’m glad he did. I’m a real help for him, and I feel good that talking makes a difference to him.

I hadn’t taken many sick days in the 8 years before, so I had almost 90 in the sick bank. I started taking them. In two years, I took a lot of sick days. Last July, I got in trouble for taking so many sick days. My cooperative and district managers came up with an action plan to improve my performance. There were benchmarks and I couldn’t take any sick days without a doctor’s note.

Since then, I haven’t taken one sick day and I’ve worked to meet the goals of the action plan. I really changed in my mind. My brother almost committed suicide in October, but I still came to work every day. My work was improving, too. The two buildings I’m responsible for were the first to have no help tickets after the school opening rush. I was working on upgrading the district’s network. I was interested again.

My parents were making plans to go on vacation in the Dominican Republic in October. Maybe it wasn’t the best time, but they didn’t know all of what my brother was going through. He said that he couldn’t go on vacation, so my parents went ahead with 3 tickets. After an uneventful flight down, we got off the bus at the resort. 10 steps later, mom said that she hated it. Since there where only three of us, they cancelled the second room, and I shared with my parents. Mom was very angry, and sought out confrontations with the staff for the next two days. I came back to our room the second day and found out that we didn’t stay there anymore. We had moved to another room. After two days, she was feeling sick. She took a cab to the local hospital, and stayed there for the rest of the vacation. I think it was stress induced, because she improved rapidly after we met her at the airport to come home.

Do you know the feeling of pressure in your ears when the airplane is landing? As we landed, I found that I couldn’t pop my ears. My ears would stay that way for over a week. I’d caught dad’s sinus infection over the vacation. I was home, though, and I had two days off for New Year’s Day. There was an email waiting for me. It invited me to a meeting first thing on Jan 2. I work as a shared tech, so I have two managers. I work for the cooperative, but I take direction from management in the district that has contracted me. I’ve been in the same district for 11 years. I thought this meeting was another assessment meeting like I’d been having all fall.

The first thing She said to me when I sat down for the meeting was “We’re transferring you to * District, you’ll start there tomorrow.” So, now I work at a new district. There’s more, but that’s all I’m saying now.

3 Responses to “What Happened”

  1. glorious Says:

    Where I work we have only 5 paid sick days a year. They don’t carry over to the next year if we don’t take them but they do pay us. If we take them they go against us on our performance review. It’s a good system as some people used to take paid sick days abundanza before they changed the rules. It’s not fair to let you accumulate them and then punish you when you take them. I’m sorry about your mom ruining a vacation she planned. You’ve had a rough time lately. Cyber hugs a smiles.

  2. jackalope Says:

    I say Viva la Labor Unions.

  3. Manuel Says:

    Wow, that sucks. The job thing is just nasty nasty and it is unfortunate that your trip ended up like that. It reminds me of your trip to Paris.

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