Natura Park

 Natura Park is a mediocre resort in Punta Cana.  Given a choice, I’d go somewhere else next time.  The resort advertises that it at the center of a nature resort.  Only 10% of the property is taken up by the resort.  The rest is a Palm forest.  I was excited to explore this area.  When I got there, there wasn’t much to explore in this trackless forest.  there was a path going North along the beach, but little access to the interior.  I just read on another site that there were photographic opportunities just to the South of the resort.  I said I was lazy yesterday… and I sure was.  I walked almost 2 kilometers North, but I never walked more than 100 yards South.  Just a little bit further, and I would have found this small area.


 The next point North of the resort is a coral head.  It creates small tidal pools that little fish hide in.  There are snails all over the coral, too.  I tried to pick my way through the snails and potholes, but I did take one or two crunchy/squishy steps.

Several Pelicans fish near the coral point.  They kite on the trade winds until they see a fish.  As they start to dive, they bring their wings into their bodies until the terminal dive is made in the shape of a dart.  They get a 10 for entry, hardly a splash.  After a moment, they bob back up to the surface, shake off a bit, and take off.

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