Natura Park

I spent last week at Natura Park in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. It was an ok week. I had fun taking pictures, but I was a lazy photographer for all but a few moments of the trip. Going down, I had enough CF cards to take almost 3000 pictures. I was worried that it might not be enough. I took 714 pictures.

The Green Herons were my favorite subjects. There were two juvenile males and one older female on the grounds. I didn’t get a good picture of the female. she only came out at night, and perched deep in the mangrove trees. The two males weren’t so shy. they used the guests as dupes in their fishing.
As with most Punta Cana resorts, leftover bread is put into boxes around the resort. Guests can throw pieces of bread to the fish in ponds. These two little guys would take the bread back to the shoreline and fish with it. They’d drop a piece in the water and wait for an unsuspecting fish to come get it. No bites? Pick up the bread and move to a new spot. brilliant critter.
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  1. jackalope Says:

    Happy New Year!!!!

    Didn’t you go to Punta Cana with the folks last year too?

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