Come Into my Web

 This lady set up camp next to a drafty window in my garage last summer.  It’s winter now, but I’d like to have a new place ready for her this spring.  there are some commercial web frames out there.  They’re mostly aimed at kids, but I’ve picked up a few pointers.  This one looks like a simple picture frame.  At first, I thought that the flat corner on the right was just a placard for their logo.  It’s a spider retreat, though.  That’s a great idea.  I’m going to make several frames in different sizes.  I’m going to make the retreat out of heavy screen, though.  that way, I’ll have more light when I’m taking pictures in that little pocket.


The Peony in my back yard seems to attract a cadre of spiders, too.  They’re smaller than the spiders in the garage.  Maybe a small plastic hoop would work better outside.  I’ll try both and see.

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One Response to “Come Into my Web”

  1. jackalope Says:

    We foster spiders in our home too. We don’t mind them in the house too much, but when their numbers become too high, Bill escorts them outside and sets them free (although we do not extend the courtesy to black widows – they always get the bottom of the shoe).

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