The Strange Tao of Blogs


I’ve been thinking about blog posts.  I write most things on this blog for myself.  I’m not trying to reach an audience or convince anyone to change their ways.  I activated a “Top Posts” widget on my blog a little while ago.  It’s strangely fascinating to watch posts rise and fall in popularity.  the first post I ever wrote is the one that gets the most hits, even 2 years later.  I happened to think of a quote from Confucius to name the post.  Little did I know that a steady stream of Internet users search Google for that quote every day.  A river of consciousness that gives me about 10 hits every day.  I don’t want to disrupt my Google mojo by repeating the quote here.


Then there’s the case of the Monkey’s Fist.  I’ve had a knot tying book for about 20 years.  I like to tie key chains, dog leashes, things like that.  I decided to take pictures of each step involved in tying a Monkey’s Fist knot.  I posted it on Flickr here.  There is steady interest on Google about this knot.  About 5 people decide to tie a Monkey’s Fist each day.  That’s the thing I find fascinating.  How is it that a new batch of 5 people want to tie this knot using my instructions every day?  Another current in the Internet, I suppose.

2 Responses to “The Strange Tao of Blogs”

  1. Nicola Says:

    The Dali Lama 10 things is a top post of mine – along with the Big Brother Bullying post – after that the kink posts come pretty high up.

    Your monkey fist know post deserves to get good results – it is excellent.

  2. jackalope Says:

    A favorite hit on my site is the penis fish, an actual fish in South America that can inhabit the penii of unsuspected swimmers…

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