Lollypop Favorites


Another week with just one post.  I haven’t read any blogs, either.  lately, I’m not even playing video games.  I pulled the snowblower out for the first time this year.  It rattled to life in a haze of blue smoke and several angry grunts.  I just grunted back.  that’s when the dog started scratching the door to go back inside.

 I don’t know why shelter cats lie in their litter boxes.  The staff go out of their way to make soft beds available.  I think it has something to do with scent.  Even though the laundry keeps everything clean, I think they can still smell other cats on the beds.  Cat have a better sense of smell than dogs, and dogs are about 200 times better than humans.  These two were friendly and didn’t seem too stressed out, so I suppose they prefer the familiar scent of the litter box.



 Can’t please everyone…  The orange cat just decided that I was no good.  I’m at a disadvantage with scared cats.  Cats rely on eyes to judge our mood.   Wide eyes mean alertness, and in the case of a cat cornered in a cage, confrontation.  I try to look at the cats through half lidded eyes, which seems to calm most of them.  then I stick a giant camera lens in their face… that must just look like a giant cyclops coming to get them.  I’m surprised I don’t get more hisses when I’m taking pictures.  Miss Orange should be ok in a couple days.  She just got to the shelter yesterday, so she’s still a little freaked out by the whole experience.   I managed to get the shot in between hisses, but the best I could do was her sticking her tongue out at me., MyLollypop photo collection.

3 Responses to “Lollypop Favorites”

  1. Manuel Says:

    That top cat is adorable!

  2. Manuel Says:

    The word for the week is “light” if you want to post on Saturday.

  3. Cate Ingalls Says:

    It is simply astounding the number of homeless cats/kittens. Our family is so grateful for the people at Lollypop who go above and beyond to rescue all animals. Lollypop gives hope to otherwise helpless, doomed animals. Thank you for your dedication.

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